Welcome To Medical Teaching Institution (MTI) Mardan

MTI Mardan comprises Mardan Medical Complex (MMC)- A teaching hospital of 520 beds was established in 1996-97, Bacha Khan Medical College (BKMC) of 50 seats intially and then extended to 100 seats per year was approved in October 2008 and MBBS classes were started in January 2010, Bacha Khan College of Dentistry (BKCD) of 25 seats initially and then extended to 50 seats per year was estalbished in 2012, Benazir Bhutto Children Hospital (BBCH) was declared as constituent unit of MTI  Mardan in 2018, College of Nursing Mardan (CNM) of 90 seats per year was established in 2018, College of Medical Technology (CMT) of 175 seats per year was established in 2019.

The first Board of Governors (BoG) with nominated Members from the private sector was also established in April 2016. The Board comprised of senior and renowned Health Professionals, Health Reformers, IT Industry and Media.

  • Mardan Medical Complex

  • Bacha Khan Medical College

  • Benazir Bhutto Children Hospital

  • College of Nursing

  • College of Medical Technologies

  • Bacha Khan College of Dentistry

Board Of Governors

Member BoGs

(Mr. Nadeem Anwar)

Member BOG

(Dr. Haroon Khan)

Secretary to BoGs

(Mr. Azhar Khan)


Medical Director


Hospital Director

( Dr. Amjad Ali )

Finance Director


Nursing Director



Manager Procurement

( MR. Mohammad Khalid )

Manager HR & OD

( MR. Altaf Ahmed )

Manager IT & Media

( MR. Mohsin Ali Khan )

Manager Q&M

( MR. Hameed Zeb )

Manager Civil Works

( MR. Muhammad Jahanzeb )

Manager Internal Audit

( MR. Mushtaq Ahmed )

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