MTI Mardan Services

Medical Education

Medical teaching institutions provides educational resources and training; professional services and maintains active research involvement across the health and allied sciences.


MTI provides autonomy to Medical Teaching Institutions to revamp the healthcare system to provide standard/quality diagnostic and treatment services to general public in Government-run hospitals.

Medical Technologies

College of Medical Technologies is to provide innovative educational environment, opportunities and hands on experience that enables individuals, communities and the region to grow, thrive and prosper.


MTI has decided to establish a Nursing College to fulfill the requirements of PM&DC with regards to recognition of a Medical College (BKMC). This will also improve the Quality of Nursing Care to the patients. 


Dental Section was started in 2012, PMDC recognize our Dental Section of MTI on 18th Sept, 2017. SNE has approved, the building is completed and classes and clinical practices started.

Children's Healthcare

The Concept of the Children's Healthcare in MTI to overcome childern diseases  where some of them are either die or end up with severe neurological deficits because of the poor Neonatal Healthcare.