College of Medical Technologies



Many professionals work closely with physicians and nurses to provide healthcare that is safe, patient-centered, efficient, equitable, timely, and effective. These professionals represent many and varied Allied Health disciplines, to name a few, include Medical Lab Technology, Anesthesia, Radiology, Cardiology and Dental technology.

The main purpose of the college is to improve the current state of training and education of the Allied Health Science sector which is one of the most important part of health care system. There is a grave national level deficiency of qualified Allied Health Professionals. This urge for taking initiatives in public as well as private sectors in this country to establish quality institutions in order to overcome this deficiency.

College of Medical Technologies BKMC-Mardan is one of the steps in this regard. I wish all the students of College of Medical Technologies-BKMC every success in their professional and personal life.


The mission of College of Medical Technologies is to provide innovative educational environment, opportunities and hands on experience that enables individuals, communities and the region to grow, thrive and prosper.


To be the premier source of educational excellence and training in Allied Health Sciences.