Mr Azhar Khan

Mr Azhar Khan
Secretary to BoGs

Mr Azhar Khan completed his Master in Inforamtion Technology and Master in Finance.  He Joined MTI Mardan as a Secretary to BoG in 2016.

His Core Responsiblities as a Secretary BoG:

1- The Secretary is responsible for the efficient administration and supervision, particularly with regard to BoG Secretariat.

2- To oversee / ensure the compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements and for ensuring that decisions of the Board of Governors are communicated unambiguously and timely.

3- Convening and servicing Board meetings, coordinating, preparing and distributing pre-read materials, meeting agendas, notifications, and meeting minutes for the Board of Governors.

4- Supporting the Chairman in performing his role, including the provision of appropriate briefing material to the stakeholders and ensuring decisions made are communicated to the relevant stakeholders promptly.

5- Attending Board meetings — recording minutes, highlighting Board decisions/ information items and conveying decisions to the concerned stakeholders unambiguously and timely.

6- Reporting outstanding agenda items and ensuring information is provided to the Board in a timely manner.

7- Preparing all correspondence for the Board including responses to enquiries or complaints directed to the Board.

8- Following up on actions from meetings.

9- Maintaining key MTI documents and records.

10- Coordinating with Government departments, on behalf of the Board.

11- Any other responsibilities assigned by Chairman BoG MTI Mardan.