Dr. Haroon Khan

Dr. Haroon Khan
BoG Member

Chemical Pathology / since 1994

  • Professor of Pathology (Chemical) at PIMS, Islamabad since 2015, retired in 2017
  • Consultant Pathologist at Kulsum International Hospital, Islamabad since 2012
  • Professor of Pathology at Rawal Institute of Medical Sciences, Islamabad since 2017
  • Health Informatics I since 2007


  • Since 1997 actively involved in establishing, development and implementation an HMIS at PIMS.
  • Appointed as the focal person for the Ministry of health for the Prime Minister Initiative for the development of paperless Hospitals in the federal Govt. Hospitals.
  • Advisor with the Ministry of Information Technology for establishing guidelines for a standardized HMIS.

Health Informatics:

  • Founding member and President of the e-Health Association of Pakistan (eHAP), which is actively involved in promoting eHealth in the public and private sector.
  • Project-Lead for PANACeA which is a network of developing countries involved in research in e- Health, as part of PANACeA
  • Team-Lead of expert researchers from Pakistan India, Philippines and Afghanistan under PANACeA to develop an economic framework ‘to show the cost benefit analysis of computerization versus manual system within a hospital.
  • Adjunct faculty at COMSATS Institute of Information Technology in Health Informatics, Islamabad

Healthcare Accreditation & Standardization:

  • Focal-Person for the Ministry of Health for Hospital Accreditation and Development of Standards for the Federal Hospitals all over the country.
  • Chair committee of Hospital Accreditation & Standardization that developed MSDS, a
    reference document for Punjab Healthcare Commission and rest of the country.
  • IS0-15189 Consultant and successfully got this Lab Accreditation for KIH Lab.
  • Quality Control Manager for Accreditation and development of Standards in PIMS as per Prime Minister Directive.
  • Worked with WHO & USAID consultants and developing quality standards leading to improvement in Health systems.