Pathology & Laboratory Services


We have state-of-the-art and sophisticated automated equipment alongside a wide range of advanced techniques to detect, identify and treat infections and to prevent the spread of infection.

MMC Lab provides the following diagnostic services:

  1. Hematology Investigations: Complete/Full blood Count, Sepecial Smear, Coaggulation Profile (PT, APTT, and INR), Cloting Factors (Plates, Calcium etc.) and diagnosis of Leukemias.
  2. Serological Investigations:  All types of screening (HBV profile, HCV, HIV and VDRL by 4th generation ELISA). PCR: HBV PCR and Genotyping.
  3. Microbiologica Investigations: Bacteriological, virological, Mycological & Parasitological Investigations.
  4. Bacteriological Examination: TB (from screening to PCR), Enteric fever (typhoid) (Widal, Typhidot), ASO & VDRL etc.
  5. Virological Investigations: Hepatitis B, C, HIV & Dengue (from screening to PCR).
  6. Mycological Investigations:         Leish Screening/Scraping.
  7. Parasitological Investigations: Malarial Parasites (MP), Worms, Toxoplasmosis & Leishmaniasis.
  8. Histophatology: FNC & Biopsies.
  9. Routine Chemistry: Blood Sugar, RFT’s (Blood urea, Creatinine), Uric Acid, LFTs (ALT (SGPT), Alkaline Phosphatase (ALK), Bilirubin).
  10. Special Chemistry: Lipid Profile, Cardia Enzymes, Hormones & Tumor Markers, Cholestrol, Triglycerides (TG), HDL, LDL.
  11. Cardiac Enzymes: CPK, LDH, CPK, CKMB, AST, Trop I.
  12. Immunochemistry: TFTs (T3, T4, TSH), Fertility Hormones (FSH, LH, Testosterones, Prolactin, BHCG).
  13. Tumor Markers: PSA, CA 125, a-fetoprotein & BHCG.
  14. Others: Amylase, D-dimer, Ferittin.

Blood Bank:

MMC Lab has 24 hours funtional blood bank with all facilities.

Services: Blood collection, Blood Grouping, cross matching, Blood screening. It provides whole blood, FFP, Packed cells, Plasma cells, Plasma & Platelets to the indoor & casualty patients.